Breeders' club to be launched at TFP; a platform to support breeding for taste

“We want to support breeders selecting varieties for taste”

Breeders' club to be launched at TFP; a platform to support breeding for taste

Bernard Lahousse | More and more chefs start to cultivate their own vegetables, as the market place offers only a limited amount of varieties.
The Flemish Primitives wants to give vegetables a central place. To increase the presence of home grown vegetables we want to support any person, company, movement,… restoring old varieties, and even more who comes up with new tasteful varieties. We want to support breeders selecting varieties for taste, not only for yield or shelf-life. As urban gardening and carbon footprint is becoming more and more prominent, we hope by supporting new varieties we can stimulate chefs, foodies,… to grow their own plants.
To get started, we asked one breeder from our network, Emmanuel Iruthayathasan, to present you a few unique flavorful varieties of bell peppers, egg plants,… These varieties were selected over the last 10 years with the main criteria: taste. An unique opportunity to get your hands on varieties you can’t find anywhere else.

Breeders club Facebook page 10. March 2012 - 8:50

Like the Breeders club and follow us the coming months in how to grow and select your own varieties;

Breeders Club 18. January 2012 - 21:46

As a chef I was very interested in the filosofy behind the 'Breeders Club'. I know got to know someone here in South America that is working on the comeback of native fruits here, and i have to say i tasted fruits that i had no idea of their existence and that are amazingly delicious. If anyone has a contact adress it might be nice to make some exchance of information or even seeds.

A spicy thanx

Fons De Muynck

BREEDERS CLUB 20. March 2011 - 2:38

After Foodparing, The Breeders Club... so, so great!
Dank U for supporting this intiatives!

Maria Canabal
Gastronomic Journalist
International Correspondent Editor for "EL GASTRONOMICO"

Breeders Club 11. March 2011 - 17:06

Fantastic idea!!!! That is the future!

Luciana Bianchi
Chef de Cuisine & Food Writer

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